How long cannabis stays in your system

The question of how long cannabis and its breakdown products are eliminated from the human body is not as simple as it may seem. It cannot be answered unambiguously, because this time period is influenced, in particular, by the health and physical condition of the person.

Factors which influence the time it takes to eliminate cannabis products from the body:
Body structure and amount of fatty tissue. Since THC is a fat-soluble substance, it accumulates in fat cells. The more adipose tissue you have, the longer it will take to eliminate THC.
Metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the faster the withdrawal of THC.
THC content of cannabis. The higher the percentage of THC in the plant, the harder it will be for the body to part with it.
Systematicity. Long and frequent smoking also increases the time of THC elimination.

So, for example, you can detect THC in your urine within 7 to 30 days after use. In systematic cannabis users, this period is extended to 45-50 days. Cannabis is eliminated from the blood 3-4 days after a single use. In experienced cannabis connoisseurs, it is advisable to test for drug markers in the blood even 3-4 months after the last cannabis use.

Existing tests:
Urine – will yield marijuana breakdown products up to 30-45 days old.
Blood – will detect THC within 2 days, markers up to 4 months.
Saliva – will detect THC and its metabolites within 5 days.
Hair – will show toxin content for up to six months.
As long as there has been a test system for detecting traces of cannabis, so many have tried to circumvent it. Quite a few methods have been devised, but none of them are 100% effective.

What experienced smokers advise to get rid of toxins:
First, be in motion and keep athletic form, physical activity will increase the metabolism.
Secondly, you should consume more water, take vitamins, drink coffee.
Thirdly, there is an opinion that the elimination of traces of cannabis is facilitated by a large amount of fatty milk.
Fourthly, it is necessary to go to the sauna more often.
Fifthly, you can follow a special diet that restores acid-alkaline balance.

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