FIM cannabis pruning

Growers first learned about FIM cropping from the July 2000 issue of High Times hemp magazine. It featured an article by an anonymous grower from South Carolina who claimed it had the potential to revolutionize indor cultivation.

The method came about entirely by accident. This grower wanted to prune the top of the plant, but accidentally missed and plucked off only part of it, exclaiming “Damn, I missed.” That’s how FIM stands for Fuck, I Missed. After a while, he saw that his mistake resulted in many tops growing out of one cropped one. They ended up bringing him several large, dense bumps instead of just one.

The public instantly reacted to the article, proclaiming the method legendary and revolutionary.

What is the point of FIM cannabis pruning?

FIM pruning is a method of training the plant by cutting off the top of the plant so that 10-30% of it remains intact. This causes 3-8 new branches to form at the cut location. The plant ceases to focus on the rapid development of a single central stem, switching to the newly formed branches. As a result, several larger stakes, comparable in size to the central one, grow. The structure of the bush becomes denser and more branched, resulting in an increased number of cones and, as a result, higher yields. This method of pruning only slightly injures the plant and therefore does not practically slow down its growth.

FIM pruning also allows the grower to get the desired shape of the plant, which is especially important for small grow boxes. It allows to limit the development of bushes in the vertical plane, allowing them to develop in width. This allows a more efficient use of the limited space for cultivation.

A few tips from experienced growers
FIM pruning should be done at the growing stage of the plant. If pruning is done at the flowering stage, it will definitely lead to a loss of yield;

Do not trim before the plant has five growth nodes. If the life cycle of a cannabis variety allows it, it is better to do it after 3 months of life;

The best time to do the FIM pruning is in the morning. This gives the plant an extra day of light to recover;

Small scissors should be used to make the pruning more precise;

After pruning, the plant should not be stressed for several days. This will speed up the formation of new branches.

A selection of varieties for the FIM pruning technique
Fimming is quite stressful and will not suit all cannabis varieties. But for this reason we have made a selection of plants which are perfectly suited to this method.

Pyramid Seeds’ Tutankhamon fem is an easy going, stress tolerant hybrid which responds exceptionally well to FIM-trimming. Its bushes quickly grow new shoots, allowing 500 g of buds to be harvested from 1 m2 of working area. Their flowering period lasts 60 days and their THC value reaches 25%. The effect is a strong relaxing stone, able to send the mind to better worlds. The cherry on the cake is a pleasantly refreshing fruity taste.

The Bruce Banner Auto fem cannabis variety from Monster Genetics Seeds has an unprecedented vitality and stamina. It responds well to FIM techniques, quickly rebuilding its bush structure. Its life cycle is only 8 weeks, and yields a record 550 grams of buds containing 25% THC. They have a full flavor with notes of sweetness, fuel and spice. The effect is mostly relaxing, but with bright euphoric waves. It relieves stress, depression and pain in no time.

The Royal Gorilla fem cannabis from RQS is a photoperiod cannabis, which is renowned for its unparalleled resinousness. This strain is perfectly suited to FIM growing, allowing growers to yield 500 grams per m2 of growing area. The colas grow dense and sticky, and the buds bloom in 9-10 weeks and contain 27% THC. They have a rich citrus aroma and bring a killer multi-faceted effect that relaxes the body and enlightens the mind.

The Gorilla Glue fem cannabis variety from Monster Genetics is another representative of Gorilla genetics that responds well to FIM pruning, quickly growing multiple stakes instead of one central. The plant is characterized by abundant resinousness, a unique chocolate-diesel aroma, a high production rate of up to 700g per bush and a THC level of 26%. Its cones give a deep relaxing stone effect with a pleasant brain euphoria.

Original Sensible Seeds’ Bruce Banner #3 fem is a killer high-yielding sativa hybrid that responds well to the FIM pruning technique. With proper implementation and favorable conditions, it is capable of pleasing the owner with yields of 800 g/m2. Its buds flower in 60-65 days and contain 28% THC. They have a killer knockdown effect, starting with an enlightening high-effect and ending with a relaxing stone.

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