Blueberry-scented cannabis varieties

Today, berry goodies and medical card texas are in the collection of every self-respecting cidban. But it wasn’t always like this. Twenty years ago cannabis varieties with a blueberry flavor and taste were exotic. The grovers of the world were saved by Dutch Passion, or rather the guy with the name DJ Short. It was he who crossed the Afghan Indica (a male plant) with the Juicy Fruit Thai girl and got the legendary Blueberry. We also recommend checking out our selection of coffee-flavored marijuana varieties.

Today, many cidbanks offer their own versions of the famous “blueberry” with a stunning berry flavor. Offers a selection of five such varieties.

The variety Auto Hashchis Berry (Auto Cheese Berry) fem (00 Seeds) is suitable for outdoor and indoor cultivation. The plants will survive in cold and humid climates, they are undemanding and suitable for beginners. The Auto Hashchis Berry will yield 350-450g/m² in 10 weeks. The short (60-130 cm) shrubs have lots of side branches and dense, resinous buds. A real foodie’s choice for its berry-berry flavor and cheesy overtones. It’s perfect for relaxing after a hard day and forgetting your worries.

Fastberry auto fem (FastBuds) would be perfect for growers who live in regions with cooler climates. The beautiful blue-purple plants are unpretentious. From hellebore to harvests 63 days. Low (70-120 cm) bushes are suitable for indoors and outdoors. Planting the seeds of cannabis Fastberry auto fem in the indore, expect 400-500 g of buds from 1 m2. Out of 1 plant gather up to 250 grams of buds with a THC of 19%. This berry is a sweetener’s choice. The variety is characterized by a rich aroma and taste of blueberries, as well as a knockout Stone effect.

Buddha Purple Kush auto fem (Buddha Seeds) cannabis seeds are suitable for outdoor and indoor cultivation. The Indica-dominant plants have an aversion to touch (you can’t pull them too often, they can get sick) and bright purple leaf coloration. The Buddha Purple Kush auto fem marijuana seeds take a short 70 days from seed to harvest. The indora yields 350-400g/m² of buds, while the autos yield 50-60g per bush. Buddha Purple Kush auto fem has a mild stonecrop effect and a pleasant berry aroma.

Blue Mystic fem marijuana seeds (Nirvana Seeds) are planted in both out and indora. Plants bloom in 49-63 days with a yield of 350-450 g/m2 of buds. The main trick is that the bushes are almost odorless on flower, which makes the variety a great option for indor partisan grovet. Indica girls are unpretentious and great for SoG. Blue Mystic fem cannabis seeds are chosen by anyone who likes berry flavors and aromas. This strain adds a herbaceous, fresh, herbal flavor. Its effects are perceptibly uplifting. So if you already have an elevated mood, Blue Mystic fem will lift you above the sky.

The Blueberry fem (Dutch Passion) is the first blueberry with a terrific appearance. The leaves have a purple underside and a bright green top. If the temperature drops to 10 0C, almost the whole plant will turn dark purple. Blueberry fem seeds can be planted outdoors or indoors. It takes 63 days to bloom in the indoors. THC above 19% and a powerful Stone effect are guaranteed to any grower. The main distinguishing feature that Blueberry fem has is its strong blueberry flavor as well as a relaxing and calming effect which is perfect for relaxation.

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