5 Movies with Marijuana

Marihuana does movies and it must be said that she is a good actress. She is good in all sorts of roles, from leading roles to unpretentious cameo clich├ęs. Without her, rarely does a mainstream youth film in Hollywood, in an instructive manner around her plot is built in film about crime, she gives moments of serenity and fun hapless company before meeting with the evil in horror films. The viewer catches a special sense of humor in the films, so a separate position is taken by comedies, often a buddy movie, the beginning of which was once the series about Cheech and Chong. Weed comes across in many different guises, from harmless entertainment to the meaning of the protagonists’ lives. You won’t see the cult films of the genre in this selection, but you’ll find five striking films related to marijuana in one way or another. You will also learn, how get medical marijuana card online ny.

Weed, Leaves of Grass

Determining the genre of the film is difficult enough; for all its melancholy and simplicity, it repeatedly addresses philosophical questions to the viewer – after all, Edward Norton’s character is a philosophy professor. One day he receives news of the death of his twin brother, who, you guessed it, is also played by Norton. They look so much alike, yet you can’t tell that about their lives. The film shows the conflict between value systems as exemplified by Bill and his understanding of the “American Dream” and Brady with the ideals of the hippie generation. The role of pot is an adept at serenity and kindness, a professional approach to nature and, at the same time, a means of risky earnings on the side of the latter. A striking appearance is the enormous size of the greenhouse, with a progressive way of growing and commentary on the fine-tuning of the system.

The film resolves the conflict by appealing to the timeless values of love, family and friendship.


Another film in which cannabis is an indispensable companion to counter-culture, a different view of life. This time the influence of such a stance is experienced by a teenager brought up in the spirit of freedom. Confronted with the problems of growing up, he is able to assess them from different angles and make choices based on clear examples. The weed in the film is responsible for Goatskin, played by David Duchovny. He hiked in the vast expanses of Arizona opened the boy a harmonious perception of the world around him, which later helped him to understand people and develop a personal approach to assessing their actions.

The film is devoid of unnecessary harshness, has an unobtrusive narration and well-researched characters, each of whom has their own view of the world and reference points.

Dark Forest

The plot of the film is a modern interpretation of the Grimm brothers’ fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”. And with care for the original and the very “hint” from which the good people must learn a lesson, but not without topical issues and modern humor. “The Dark Forest” in the film is a variety of marijuana grown by a witchy grandmother to lure teenagers into her enchanted abode. Quickly gaining popularity with the local stoners, the witch finds herself even involved in a showdown with the local drug lord, who is dumbfounded by the room with countless bushes himself and loses his sanity.

The movie shows the magical, intoxicating image of weed, the forbidden fruit, so desirable and so dangerous. An interesting idea is shown in the opening credits.

Kid Cannabis or Kid Cannabis

A movie based on true events. The story centers on a young fat kid named Nate, who in an effort to improve his financial well-being finds himself smuggling marijuana from Canada to the United States. Step by step, he gets closer and closer to his goal as he is loyal to the cause and pursues, for the most part, good intentions. However, he cannot avoid a deplorable ending – the business of trafficking illegal substances always has a bad ending.

In addition to being a profitable means of making money, weed in the film is treated with love and even some trepidation. At the beginning of the film, Nate carefully waters his plants, his supplier in Canada demonstrates his own breeding expertise and brags about the ultimate concentrations of intoxicating ingredients in his product. All in all, weed is nothing more than a way of life for many of the film’s characters.

At the height of culture

The only documentary in the selection that compiles up-to-date information on the legal status of cannabis, a balanced analysis of the pros and cons of recreational use and the importance of marijuana’s role as a plant in the modern world. A truthful account of the harms of cannabis prohibition, what humanity loses from prohibition, and what politicians gain. It’s worth assuming that the film will soon become a cult movie for legalism advocates – no one has ever told such an honest story about weed anywhere else.

Enjoy watching it!

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