SOG method

Sea Of Green technology and fast medical card online maine is designed specifically to increase the speed of marijuana maturation in growroom conditions. The method is designed for growers who are already experienced in cannabis cultivation and have encountered the method of continuous cultivation. The idea is to get the plants to flower prematurely. The […]

Blueberry-scented cannabis varieties

Today, berry goodies and medical card texas are in the collection of every self-respecting cidban. But it wasn’t always like this. Twenty years ago cannabis varieties with a blueberry flavor and taste were exotic. The grovers of the world were saved by Dutch Passion, or rather the guy with the name DJ Short. It was […]

5 Movies with Marijuana

Marihuana does movies and it must be said that she is a good actress. She is good in all sorts of roles, from leading roles to unpretentious cameo clich├ęs. Without her, rarely does a mainstream youth film in Hollywood, in an instructive manner around her plot is built in film about crime, she gives moments […]

Hydroponics and marijuana

Hydroponics is a soil-free method of growing plants based on the use of a substrate and a nutrient solution. Using the substrate, the top of the plant is anchored in the cultivation tank and its root system develops in the nutrient solution or air. According to online weed doctor growing cannabis in hydroponic systems is […]

How long cannabis stays in your system

The question of how long cannabis and its breakdown products are eliminated from the human body is not as simple as it may seem. It cannot be answered unambiguously, because this time period is influenced, in particular, by the health and physical condition of the person. Factors which influence the time it takes to eliminate […]

FIM cannabis pruning

Growers first learned about FIM cropping from the July 2000 issue of High Times hemp magazine. It featured an article by an anonymous grower from South Carolina who claimed it had the potential to revolutionize indor cultivation. The method came about entirely by accident. This grower wanted to prune the top of the plant, but […]

Using LED lights for grovelling

Probably no one will argue with the fact that DNAT lamps are a proven classic, providing a guaranteed yield of any variety of cannabis. Just as there will be no objection to the statement that most of the efficiency of sodium lamps goes to heating. This means that their power consumption is unreasonably high, because […]

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